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Captain Crab

Ed is satisfied, his "Zero Waste" policy has paid off, the flow of robotic waste is stopped. The Green Planet has become a paradise. On the other hand, the Junk Planet has been used as a dumping ground for robotic waste. The waste-eating Crabs have gorged themselves. The food source has dried up and starvation is on the way.

Should Captain Crab let his people devour each other, or choose a losing war?

Better to fight than to die starving by the enemy...


Film in virtual reality in 360°, get up and make space around you, equip yourself

with your VR headset and confront yourself physically to this fantastic world!
(Otherwise, use your smartphone, your tablet or simply sit in front of your computer)

Now on festivals and coming soon on VOD !



Format video: 360° stop motion VR paper cut technic (6min26sec)

Genre: Intergalactic comedy

Languages: robot, English

Created by Thibault Joyeux

Directed and produced by Thibault Joyeux and Daniel Schmidt

Sound design by Agios Fellekapoulakos


Note of intent

This innovative virtual reality (VR) experience plunges viewers into a miniature world produced by the Ed n'Robot studio, bringing them face-to-face with the 10 cm paper puppets created by Thibault Joyeux. This total immersion in a stop-motion animated universe is an audacious experiment in the fusion of two seemingly antagonistic technologies: the frame-by-frame animation of early cinema and the virtual reality made accessible by the digital revolution.


Produced without digital effects, we worked in the manner of the pioneers of cinema, without video feedback. Each scene was shot in its entirety before we were able to watch the sequence of images come to life. It's an authentic process, offering visual sincerity and a distinctive aesthetic. Although all the movements were calculated and regulated, surprises remain, giving the film its sensitivity and tangibility. These small irregularities are the charm of hand-made stop-motion productions, distinguishing our approach from conventional VR productions based on 3D modeling software.


Shot between 2016 and 2017, at a time when digital VR tools were only beginning to become popular, the project faced technical challenges, leading to significant problems during post-production. It took four years to fully grasp the result and initiate the finalization process to make the film presentable.


The other major challenge was to direct the viewer's attention. Plunged into a 360° world, how do you encourage viewers to follow a story when they can look down at their feet for the duration of the experience? Can we use the same writing codes established by traditional cinema? How can we invent 360° cinema?

Part of the answer lies in the sound orchestration of Agios Fellekapoulakos.

An original narrative point of view offering a strangely relevant burlesque direction.

In the end, the film entertains young and old alike, offering a unique experience and a journey to the heart of an oversized piece of art.


The Ranger camp

The Green Planet is the Earth of the robot Rangers. Together, they form a defense force whose mission is to maintain peace in the universe.


Ed has been elected president of the Green Planet by the league's rangers. Authoritative, he leads the debate and doesn't hesitate to hit the nail on the head. In battle, he'll put his companions' lives ahead of his own.

V is clumsy. Some of his microchips are disconnected, affecting his actions. Uncontrolled, his behavior becomes clownish and leads him into burlesque situations. But he always lands on his feet at the end of the day.


G is impassive. He spends most of his time sleeping. Although distant, he'll be alert to danger. Relaxed in battle, he'll be an easy target.

is standing behind Ed. Punctual, loyal and assiduous, he line up at attention. First on the battlefield, he'll protect his camp to the last mechanical sound.


R is a glutton. All he thinks about is eating, and his concentration is severely affected. He's strong-willed but has a slow reaction time. His favorite food is Crunchy black and white bolt cereal.

P is thoughtful. He spends his time reading books and newspapers. He understands robopolitics better than anyone. As a pacifist, he has chosen words as his weapon.


T is a sporty type. It's hard to keep him away from his endless game of Ping Pong with his alter ego B. In any situation, each of them always finds a way to get the bolt back on.

B is athletic and loves challenges. He's always shoulder to shoulder with T. So when they decide to join their forces, they're fearsome warriors.


The Crab camp

The Junk Planet is hosting the robotic waste of the Green Planet. In this hostile universe, a population of Crab has grown up, and Captain Crab has established himself as their despot.


Crabs are wild and unpredictable creatures. They are robotivorous, feeding on spare parts found in their scrapyard. Anarchic society, they are capable of killing each other over a small snack. And yet, they're very disciplined when it comes to listening to Captain Crab. They clap when he asks them to.

Captain Crab is the leader of the Junk Planet and commands an army of Crab. One day dE, Ed's best friend, lands on this forsaken planet. Unable to return home, he acclimatizes and subdues the natives by rationing their food. To communicate, he develops a language similar to English, more primitive than that used by the robot Rangers. As a megalomaniac, he builds himself a palace and introduces himself as Captain Crab. He orders his subjects to love him. But watch out, if robotic waste runs out, will the Crabs eat their leader?


Installation "Gallery JKV Jena"


Presentation "EVIA Film Project"

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