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Welcome to the Ed n'Robot universe !
Ed the robot on his Stop Motion adventures
and discover paper-cut worlds populated by unique characters.

Created by Thibault Joyeux in 2012, the Ed n'Robot studio is co-directed with Julien Kadouri.
Selected at numerous international festivals, the films in the series revisit our classic myths
and question us about the foundations of our contemporary societies. 
In this laboratory of visual, sound and narrative experimentation, Thibault and Julien reflect on the Stop Motion animation technique and its application with today's media. From traditional animation techniques to current immersive (XR) experiences, each project invites new artists and technicians to collaborate on creations.

Ed n'Robot c'est qui ?
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Ed n’Robot is five short films, a boxed set book, stop motion workshops, street art, VJing, a community of aspiring directors,... And lately, a 360° short film (VR).
And today... robots on Augmented Reality posters (AR) !

Stop Motion everywhere, for everyone, all the time !

Ed n'Robot XR

Ed n'Robot is putting new technologies to good use with a 360° Virtual Reality (VR) short film "Captain Crab" 2022.
And today... robots on Augmented Reality (AR) posters!

Each epic brings Ed face to face with a bestiary of highly unusual robots. Among them are a variety of behaviors, from the gentlest of creatures to the most dangerous of predators, from the most endearing of monsters, to the most mischievous of characters.


Discover or perfect your approach to animated film with Ed n'Robot.




Come and share your videos
with the Ed n'Robot community !

L'atelier Stop Motion

The Ed n'Robot boxed set offers you total immersion in the world of filmmaker Thibault Joyeux and invites you to take part, to discover the world of stop motion and make your own animated film.

@ednrobot on instagram

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